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  CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CMEC EXPO) derives from the exhibition office of theMinistry of the First Machine Building Industry, established in 1953. In 1978, China National Machinery& Equipment Import & Export Corporation (CMEC), the first conglomerate integrating industry withtrading in China (it was renamed China Machinery Engineering Corporation in 2011), was established andthe exhibition office of the Ministry was transferred to CMEC and became its exhibition office. In 1995, it was registeredas CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and became a wholly owned subsidiary of CMEC, which went completely public at Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012, with CMEC Exhibition as part of it. CMEC Exhibition isalso a member of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach).

  With its standardized management and high quality services, CMEC Exhibition has been rewarded many titles of honor for years, such as "Top 10 Partners with Reed Exhibitions ISG","Top Ten Outbound Exhibition Companies", "Top Ten China’s Exhibition Companies", "Best Exhibition Organizer of China Conference & Exhibition", "Top Ten Exhibition Agencies", "Best Outbound Exhibition Organization", "Most Influential Exhibition Company", "Top Ten China’s Influential Exhibition Companies", "Most Valuable Exhibition Branding Company" ,“The Most Internationalized StrategicServicing Case of No.4 CIFTIS”and so on. And it has obtained the Grade 1 Qualification Certificate of Exhibition Project and the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. Meanwhile, CMEC Exhibition is anexecutive member of China Chamber of International Commerce, a rotating chairmanship member of China Machinery & Automobile Exhibition Federation, a director member of the Outbound Exhibition Department of National Conference and Exhibition Working Committee, a vice chairmanship member of the Sub-chamber of Conference and Exhibition of China Chamber of International Commerce, andfounder member of Union of China Convention and Exhibition Industry andChina Green Convention & Exhibition Alliance.

  By implementing the national strategy of “One Belt One Road Initiatives”and grasping the market and industry trends, CMEC Exhibition strives forpaving the way for promoting economic and trade developments; advancing win-win cooperation and society progress. Built on machinery industries and mainly engagedin overseas expositions, it seeks diversified development. It is now engaged in the following eight majorbusinesses: organizing groups to attend overseas expositions; organizing and undertaking expositions bothat home and abroad; undertaking projects sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce or local governmentson different levels; exposition planning, engineering design and construction; planning and operatingPR events; providing customized services for clients; planning and organizing conferences and offeringrelated services; information consultancy and services. Every year it organizes and co-organizes over 100 expositionscovering a wide range of industries—industry, hardware, printing and packaging machinery, refrigerationair-conditioners, automobile accessories, engineering machinery large-scale machinery, electric lighting,building materials and bathroom accessories, pump valves and water treatment. All these events havedeveloped into series. According to statistics by the China Council for the Promotion of InternationalTrade (CCPIT), the regulatory body for the exhibition industry, CMEC has been coming out on top foryears in terms of exhibition scales and comprehensive strength. Over the past 60 years, CMEC EXPO hastaken Chinese foreign trade companies and manufacturers to more than 300 cities in over 100 countriesand regions throughout the world to attend nearly 3,000 world-famous professional expositions andcomprehensive fairs.


CMEC EXPO: building a bright future together with you!

CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Add: No.42, North Zhongguancun Street, Beijing China

Add: No.178, Guang’anmenwai Street, Beijing, China

Ningxia CMEC International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
Add:Rm 801, Building A, Lantai Square, Minzubei Str., Xingqing District, Yinchuan, Ningxia

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